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Sat. March 2, 2013
5:00 PM Jason Gray and Andrew Peterson - Storytellers Tour | Charlottesville, VA |
Presented By Grace Community Church


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Grace Community Church (MAP)
5146 Dickerson Road
Charlottesville, VA
US 22911

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Jason Gray
Andrew Peterson

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We are sorry, but this event is sold out!

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About the Storytellers Tour

Nationally-acclaimed Christian recording artists Jason Gray and Andrew Peterson will be appearing live at Grace Community Church in Charlottesville, VA on Saturday night, March 2nd at 5 PM and again at 8 PM as part of "The Storytellers Tour."

The format of the concert will be a very intimate and informal evening, with each of the artists performing their songs acoustically while discussing the story behind the songs. It is a format very similar to that seen on MTV's highly successful "Unplugged" television series.

Gray and Peterson are label mates on Centricity Records, frequent collaborators on one another's live and studio projects, and close friends. Their interpersonal dynamic will add greatly to the intimacy of the live performance in Charlottesville, giving the audience a unique glimpse into their songwriters' hearts and lyrical ministries.

About Jason Gray

It is Jason Gray's honesty and his willingness to explore both the valleys and mountaintops with equal candor that define his artistry and have made him one of America's most compelling songwriters. A Minneapolis native who has struggled with stuttering, Gray's early years were filled with the pop sounds of Billy Joel and Duran Duran as well as the lyrical poetry of Simon & Garfunkel and the soul searching anthems of U2.

In writing songs for his most recent album, "A Way To See In The Dark", Gray took a less structured approach than in his previous projects. "I used to begin with a theme and write songs around it," Gray relates. "This time around I just wrote whatever came and the themes emerged after the fact. A lot of the songs have to do with fear - that we aren’t enough, or that maybe God isn’t in control. … Fear loses its hold of me when I’m confident of God’s love for me and that He is in control."

About Andrew Peterson

Over the last ten years Andrew Peterson has quietly carved out a niche for himself as one of the most thoughtful, poetic, and lyrical songwriters of his generation. More recently he’s also established himself as the grassroots facilitator of an online literary and songwriting community (www.RabbitRoom.com) and an emerging fantasy novelist as well (The Wingfeather Saga). But it's still ultimately that sense of rootedness that listeners, readers and fans seem to respond to most deeply. Andrew's songs (and books) remind us again and again of simple, solid things like love, friendship, hope and redemption.

With the 2012 release of Peterson's ninth studio album "Light for the Lost Boy", Christianity Today reports that the artist has truly come of age. "Peterson's lyrics walk the tightrope of the human condition, at once feeling the crushing weight of mortality and the fierce hope of eternity. After all, the light of redemption shines brightest when set against the darkness of loss." The reviewer concludes that " Peterson draws us deeper into the yearning where life and love are savored against their unavoidable losses - and where glowing hope always remains."